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Artist: The Clash

Album: Combat Rock, Clash On Broadway, Rat Patrol From Fort Bragg

Length: 4:44, 4:15 (COB mix), 6:17 (Rat Patrol original)

Vocals: Joe Strummer, Allen Ginsberg


Additional Information:

  • Beat poet Allen Ginsberg sings lyrics he wrote on this song as "the voice of God".
  • The lyrics included in the Combat Rock booklet are for the Rat Patrol version of this song, and differ from what is actually sung on the album.
  • Three versions of this song exist: the original Rat Patrol recording, which features an entire extra verse compared to the other versions, a shorter version released on Combat Rock without the final verse and with some lyric changes, and a further "edited" version on Clash On Broadway which is around 30 seconds shorter and has an edited ending.
Ghetto Defendant
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