The Rude Boy Soundtrack was a promotional only cassette album consisting of live tracks from the film Rude Boy. While the original cassette had a very limited release and is now extremely rare, the tape has been extensively bootlegged, and several CD sets are available including every performance from the Rude Boy film, as well as the 13 tracks available here.

English Civil War and I Fought The Law are reproduced in identical forms on the album Clash On Broadway, while I Fought The Law, What's My Name, and London's Burning from these recordings appear with even better quality remixed sound on Live: From Here to Eternity.

Track Listing Edit

Side A

  1. Rudie Can't Fail
  2. Garageland (live)
  3. English Civil War (live)
  4. I Fought The Law (live)
  5. (White Man) In Hammersmith Palais(live)
  6. I'm So Bored With the USA (live)
  7. White Riot (live)

Side B

  1. Safe European Home (live)
  2. What's My Name (live)
  3. No Reason (piano song)
  4. London's Burning (live)
  5. White Riot (live)
  6. Tommy Gun (live)

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