Should I Stay or Should I Go 7" single

Released: 11 June 1982

UK Catalogue Number: CBS A2646

UK Chart Position: 17

Side A

  1. Should I Stay or Should I Go

Side AA

  1. Straight to Hell

Should I Stay or Should I Go 12" single

UK Catalogue Number: CBS A13 2646

Side A

  1. Should I Stay or Should I Go

Side AA

  1. Straight to Hell

Artist: The Clash

First Release: Combat Rock (CBS Records, 14/5/1982)

Length: 3:09

Vocals: Mick Jones, Joe Strummer, Joe Ely


Additional Information:

  • A live recording of this song is included on the albums Live: From Here to Eternity and Rockers Galore.
  • Released as a "double A side" with Straight to Hell.
  • The 7" single included a free sticker, whilst the 12" included a metal stencil of the 12" cover artwork.
  • 7" artwork is a Should I Stay or Should I Go themed picture of Ronald Reagan, whilst the 12" sleeve has the Straight to Hell artwork.
  • Also released as a 7" picture disc, catalogue number S CBS A11 2646.
  • Rat Patrol mix features far more Spanish vocals from Joe Strummer, the way the song was initially performed live (such as the appearance on Saturday Night Live).

  • Mick Jones: "It wasn't preempting my leaving the Clash. It was just a good rocking song." [1]
  • Joe Ely: "When you listen to 'Should I Stay Or Should I Go' there's a place in the song where Mick says "Split!" Me and Strummer had been yelling out the Spanish background lyrics and we had snuck up behind him as he was recording. We were behind a curtain, jumped out at him in the middle of singing and scared the shit out of him. He looks over and gives us the dirtiest look and says "Split!" They kept that in the final version." [2]


  1. Clash On Broadway booklet (p.63)
  2. [1] "The Austin Chronicle" newspaper (19/5/2000)

Should I Stay or Should I Go
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